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Where do I start?

Halloween is over. It's November 3rd. We're officially on that fast track that leads to great family get-togethers and celebrations that we look forward to all year. So, where do you begin?

Here are my suggestions.

Just kidding!

Look around the house. What rooms will be seen and used by the family and visitors? Will you be entertaining? Are there minor repairs and touch-ups that need to be done?

Take inventory of surge protectors, light bulbs and batteries. (Make a list and keep it in your bag so you'll have it when shopping.)

Are you hosting Thanksgiving dinner? If so, plan your table settings.

Will you put your Christmas decorations out before or after Thanksgiving? Do you remember the condition of your artificial tree at the end of 2018? Did you drag it to

the curb and resolve to get a new one before 2019? If so, tackle that early on as supplies diminish quickly. Retailers don't keep a huge stock.

Then, start by taking inventory of the Christmas decorations you had last year? Did you shop the after-Christmas sales and tuck some bags in various closets?! Look around and unearth those. (You can very honestly tell your husband, with a straight face, that you have "had that for years"!!)

Make another list, based on what you found. I'm really big on making lists even though I usually misplace them. It's a good feeling when you head out into the have a plan, you have (?) a list, you are woman, hear you roar! Now, head over to Total Bliss and we'll help you complete this Rockwellian dream!

Thank heavens we went to Total Bliss for all these fabulous gifts!

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