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Happy Holidays from the Pop-Up Shop!

Now that Halloween has passed, we can *officially* celebrate Christmas! (You know we celebrate all year but we have to keep it quiet.)

Now is the perfect time to dress up those wreaths with new bows, add some new cedar to that centerpiece, and re-glue the antlers onto that old Rudolph figurine.

Below is a great example of the power of ribbon on a great wreath - nothing fussy and can last all winter!

Winter Wreath
Snowy Wreath

Below is one of my favorite ribbon combinations of the year - classic plaid and a gorgeous leopard. A pair of these would look stunning on double front doors.

Plaid Ribbon
Christmas Drop

You all know I love blue and white - I've even done a blue and white tree before - so I added this blue and white topiary ribbon to these giant blue gems. It's classic and glitzy and I love it.

Blue and White Ribbon
Blue and White

Remember that we're open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 10-4pm for a limited time only. We hope to see you soon!

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