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Confessions of a Television Enjoyer............

An enjoyer is not the same as an addict, it's like an "influencer", another recently coined word that serves our current trends and leaves us pondering...what the heck does that mean?

I love TV - my whole family loves TV. Lilke most of my generation, I was introduced to Lucy and Ethel, Rob and Laura Petrie, early on and loved their TV "lives". I was even privy to a soap opera way back when as my sister and I watched TV while Mom got her hair done! The hairdresser had a TV long before we did and it was tuned to "The Edge of Night" (weekdays 4:00 pm 1956 - 67) We actually witnessed in her living room Eve stab Malcolm with a pair of sewing sheers! Now that left two little girls wide-eyed and curious!! Such drama and excitement came rarely into our small town lives.

My Mom frequently boasted that she had never gotten hooked on' those old soap operas' but I didn't share that pride. I spent the last 6 weeks of pregnancy in the late 70's staring at All My Children, One Life to Live and General Hospital! After that 6 weeks ended, there really was no time for that but I still missed them!

Fast forward to discovering the BBC!

I love these shows! And Masterpiece Mystery, Poldark, Grantchester, Downton Abbey, and many more...... They're so classy!

But now, enter reality TV. We're definitely not talking "classy" here!

I'm admitting here that I watch and enjoy a LOT of Bravo TV! Yes, the Real Housewives of ..... and ......., Below Deck, Southern Charm, Oh, Lord, even The Walking Dead!

Now it's out there. .......

So, as downward spirals's gone to this

But, you know, there are upsides to this. For instance, I always have something to watch, and I can add practically expert opinions on a variety of subjects, like managing a luxury yacht in the Mediterranean, the pain of Kim K's psoriasis, how to survive the zombie apocalypse; you see why I'm popular in the cocktail party circuit. Of course, I don't attend parties held during my primetime viewing window.

So, join me, America! Be an "enjoyer" and own it! It's freeing to come clean. Don't "enjoy" alone with the blinds drawn. I even lift myself up at the expense of others with comebacks like, "Well, at least I'm not watching those old soap operas!"

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