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How I Decorate for the Holidays

I love hearing how each of you decorate your homes for the holidays. I get so many questions about my own home! I admit, it's difficult to choose when I see so many beautiful things. But like so many of you, I have a lifetime of family treasures that I like to feature. We keep it pretty simple and this year didn't even put up a tree! (We have two cats so trees are...difficult.)

My mother and I made countless needlepoint and cross-stitch items. I cherish those.

Total Bliss Christmas

These simple cedar wreathes hang on antique shutters in my dining room. I love the velvet ribbon.

Total Bliss Greensboro

This advent Santa is one of my favorite finds as a retailer! He has twenty-four pockets sewn into his coat and one large bag (for the twenty-fifth.)

Total Bliss Greensboro

I hung these chinoiserie ornaments in my kitchen. The red pops against the blue of the walls!

Total Bliss Holidays

How do you decorate for the holidays?

#Florals #Christmas

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