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Let's review..........

We did our part. We sprang forward. Since then, have you felt gloomy, robbed of the first two days of your 2018 Spring in the South. Are you angry, even bitter, that we "sprang" and nothing happened? We weren't propelled forward into warm glorious sunshine and colorful spring bulbs. We're still in the world of "snow days", left running to the refrigerator for you-know-what.

Take action! Come to Total Bliss' Spring Open House Thursday through Saturday and we promise 70 degrees, colorful flowers, jewelry, wine !! (So what if it's inside?) You can shop, snack, see Chalk Paint® demos, learn to tie beautiful bows, plan your new spring project. You can see John Wind's newest jewelry and cotton ball pearls, meet silver and glass artist Nancy Brooks, register to win Chalk Paint® products valued at $167.00!

Come on out! You'll be glad you did! I promise you'll leave with a spring in your step!!

Here's a little extra incentive! (Sorry it excludes Chalk Paint®)

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