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Summer 2017 at Total Bliss!

It's already so hot outside that I've decided to bring summer inside!

Summer at Total Bliss

I am loving the emerald of these vintage shutters paired with a strong black. It can look sleek or rustic. These oversized botanical prints are such a steal (and heavy as anything!) We've paired a few styles with them - rustic shutters, a contemporary mirror, and a classic feminine light fixture. These prints are a win for any style!

One important part of making this look was the variety of textures used. These baskets are a perfect! Great for storage and super affordable - they are a great addition to any room. Below are a few other styles currently in the store.

We are fully stocked on lamps and light fixtures. I love this floor lamp for its fun sleek but unexpected curves.

How do you incorporate the seasons into your home?


#Florals #Summer #Trends

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