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Changing Your Home's Look Without Changing Everything

I've never decorated my own home with Asian accessories, but a couple of years ago I was drawn to this Thibaut fabric (South Seas by Thibaut) with it's pagoda shapes and the graceful placement of human figures.

It is available in many colors and I ended up choosing the Yellow with White. Next I saw this beautiful Caspari napkin.

Okay, I'm hooked! I just must work some of these shapes into my current decor. I'm not doing a "total conversion" of course. If you keep your major pieces (upholstery, rugs, drapes) fairly neutral, you can change your look with trendy accessories and pillows. By "neutral" I don't mean just white and beige. I mean neutral in pattern - solids and textures instead of flowers and geometrics.

I'm having fun with this! And I think it has added a fresh unique touch to my present decor. I probably won't stay with it forever, but that's okay because I haven't committed a huge budget to it, just a few fun accessories and pillows and that makes me smile!

THEN, I saw what Stephanie Jones, owner of Me and Mrs. Jones, had done with a chest she was painting and stenciling with Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan. I definitely don't have room for it in my home, but I knew I HAD to do it too!

Full disclosure: This is not the first thing Mrs. Jones has done that I absolutely had to copy, and YES I stalk her website and FB page!

Chest Painted with Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan

So I found this cabinet, bought it, cleaned it, painted it with Pure White Chalk Paint® and stenciled it with Napoleonic Blue and Greek Blue, also by Annie Sloan (#colouriseverything). The stencil was repositioned several times to wrap around the corners and sides. It was a bit tedious but I wouldn't say it was difficult. We finished it by painting the inside Greek Blue. Come by the store and see it! I'm very proud of it!

#ChalkPaintbyAnnieSloan #DIY #Trends

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