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"When starting a design project in your home, I believe that working with a professional will save you time, money, and the pain of making costly mistakes.

My goal is to provide you access to quality merchandise and services that are available to the trade only. I rarely shop commercial retailers. By attending trade-only markets and industry seminars multiple times a year, I stay knowledgeable on products, styles, and resources. My fees are based on time spent, resource recommendations, education, and knowledge of the current design trends and product availability.

I do not post pictures of my clients' homes, but am happy to provide references on request.

I begin the design process with an initial one hour consultation in the client's home.  My fee for that consultation is $125.

This is the time to identify your concerns and prioritize the work to be done. By making an overall plan and separating the various components according to time and budget, we will proceed with confidence knowing that the end result will be functional and harmonious.

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