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I would love to tell you how Lampe Berger can contribute to the ambience of you home.  I have used Lampe Berger personally for over twenty years (the same lamp actually !) and know that it is effective, clean and safe.  Because I have such faith in the product, I feel comfortable recommending it to others. Lampe Berger is only available in a select number of exclusive shops around the world. Total Bliss is proud to be one of the few North Carolina retailers to offer this product.

I have to say from personal experience that, the best thing about Lampe Berger is the fact that it works!  It always works.  It's the original and the best.  I've never seen a lampe that didn't do what it was designed to do, which is remove odors from the air and function properly every time you use it.  That's not too much to ask, is it? I bought my original lamp in 1998 in Ponte Vedra, FL because I was concerned about "litter box issues."  Mary Ann Davis was the shopkeeper there and she said it would work and it did!  I liked the variety of fragrances so much that I was always moving it around the house and so, naturally, I needed a second one because I was hooked!


There are many knock-offs on the market but Lampe Berger is the original and the only patented home fragrance line, the only lampe and parfum product in the world guaranteed to cleanse, purify, eliminate and destroy odors and airborne bacteria and yeast. They  continuously research the technology for improvements and patent renewals. The AGROHALL Independent Laboratory confirmed  in 2001 that Lampe Berger kills 68% of airborne bacteria.

Fragrances are still being produced in the French Riviera in the city of Grasse where Chanel, Lanvin and Houbigant are also made.



Lampe Berger is a product I use and believe in. Call or email if you want to know more ~ or better yet, come by the store and "smell for yourself."

I have a wide array of lamps in stock as well as most of the fragrance refills.  Please go to the company website for pictures of all current products