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Don't Forget!

Tomorrow (Thurs. 4-8pm) is the TOTAL BLISS FALL OPEN HOUSE!

Total Bliss Open House

Please join us as we premiere fall merchandise, snack on treats from Savory Street Catering, and wekcome the new season!


Hints of Fall

You're right. Technically it isn't fall, but I can't handle wearing shorts anymore. (No one wants to see that anyway.)

Even though I want everyone to commit to all fall all the time (that's the new slogan), I don't expect it. Here are a few alternative ways to ease into fall decor.

Total Bliss Fall

This photo proves that orange isn't the only fall color. Mums and pumpkins evoke autumn despite the deep plum and crisp white color choices. (photo credit)

Total Bliss Fall Decor

Total Bliss Fall Decorating

Gourds and apples are classic, but these images showcase a few new fall goodies - acorns and osage oranges make lovely alternatives. (photo credit 1. Unfortunately, the second photo had no link.)

Fall Total Bliss Art

This fall wreath (shown on top of the cabinet) pulls the golds and oranges from the painting to its left. And because it's not in a prominent place, it's subtle. (Bonus: next month, hang it on the door and you're ready for October.)


Hot, Hot, Hot Skwash

They are gorgeous in a mass display, but equally beautiful when just one is displayed in a martini glass or even on a book! Guaranteed to make you smile !!

These are the original, from Daria in Oregon. She signs each of the REAL pumpkin stems in gold!

There's still time if you need to special order a color or size!