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Modern Farmhouse Style

If you are a fan of HGTV's wildly popular "Fixer Upper," you know exactly what I mean by Modern Farmhouse Style. The show's designer, Joanna Gaines, has taken a style that is over one hundred years old and added a bit of a modern twist. The resulting look is making a big impact, and "Fixer Upper" style is in demand everywhere. Gaines gives no specific label to her style, but others have called it Modern Farmhouse and Farmhouse Chic.


Those of you unfamiliar with "Fixer Upper" may be trying to imagine how this style of decor may look. After all, the words "modern" and "chic" are not usually associated with farmhouse style. Before you start forming a mental picture, I should tell you what Modern Farmhouse Style does NOT look like:  it is not Country Style. There are no rufled curtains, no gingham tablecloths, and no collections of porcelain pigs, ducks, roosters or geese covering every available surface.




According to Gaines, the inspiration for her style is the memory of frequent visits as a child to a friend's grandmother's farmhouse. The home was very homey and welcoming. This is the feeling she conveys in her designs. 


Even though these designs feature plenty of color and a strong emphasis on style, Gaines maintains that old farmhouse esthetic. Clean and simple, less is more, a place for everything and no clutter.


The idea behind Modern Farmhouse Style is really quite simple . . . keep it SIMPLE. Keep it natural with metal, wood and glass.Combine old things with newer pieces; find creative                                                                         storage solutions.

You coule decorate every room in your home in this style. Or you could bring just a little Modern Farmhouse charm to one room, one corner or even one tabletop.



left: a big glass vase with Magnolia blossoms makes a chic centerpiece 

right: decluttering a bookshelf will give you room for a clean and simple display




Even something as simple as a wood plank topped coffee table with simple candle holders adds a touch of Modern Farmhouse Style.    



Restyle These Pieces

I’m fairly sure Tom has been watching “American Pickers”, and it looks like he’s got the hang of it! He found three very nice pieces in need of a little love.  We don’t have time to give these pieces the TLC they deserve, so we are selling them as is.  You can use your imagination! How would you change these pieces to fit into your décor?

This pair of beautiful chests shows wear and tear but are still in very good condition. They are nice and deep - the drawers are large enough to provide unexpected storage. (50”L x 24” W x 37”H)     

Just imagine how they would look as a pair flanking your fireplace.

Alone, one would make a stylish foyer piece or could fairly easily be repurposed as a bathroom vanity. There is plenty of room for a sink and plumbing, with two drawers still available for storage. 


We also have this completely “naked” computer desk.  Dark stain (General Finishes Java Gel) and you have a study or library piece. Paint it with Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan and you have a whimsical homework station for your child’s room.  (68”L x 30”W x 29”H)  


Come by and check out this furniture and see where your imagination takes you.  If your imagination is broader than your skill, we will be glad to give you a hand – or a lesson, to bring your vision to life!