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Week of Black Friday Sale

In honor of Thanksgiving week, Total Bliss is having a sale!

25% off Sorrelli Jewlery

Total Bliss Greensboro

25% off Lampe Berger

Total Bliss Greensboro


Saving Money This Holiday Season

Though we love to give gifts and visit loved ones this time of year, it's important to keep mindful of that pesky budget. (We know. It's no fun!)

Total Bliss Holiday

In that spirit, Total Bliss is happy to cohost an event with Colon Knight of Edward Jones. Colon will explain how to make your money work for you in 2015. Nancy will add to this great topic by explaining how to spend money wisely with holiday decor and gifts.

Feel free to join us this Thursday (November 20th) at 6pm.


Holiday Additions

Total Bliss abides by a "more is better" attitude, but sometimes all it takes is something small.

Total Bliss Greensboro NC

Maybe it's a simple red ribbon around a vase.

Total Bliss Holiday

Maybe it's a glittery ornament attached to a lampshade.

Total Bliss Christmas

Or maybe it's a deer wearing an ornament as a name tag!

What small touches do you add to your home during the holidays?