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Total Bliss is your stockist for Chalk Paint® Decorative Paint by Annie Sloan. In Addition to Chalk Paint® and supplies, we also offer classes and workshops to help you fall in love with this fantastic product and learn different techniques for using it in your home.

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One of our pumpkin painters from last year suggested that we add Indian Corn to our paint list this year!!



Painting Upholstery with Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan


This Queen Anne wingback chair was a roadside find (when roadside wasn't cool!) about 25 years ago.  I was just ecstatic to get it recovered in this raspberry red fabric and it has held up fairly well.  There is some fading from sunlight, some mysterious spots and whitish film from a cocker spaniel, and a generalized tired feeling.  
I didn't vacuum it but did hand-search the crevices for change and/or Chee-tos - none found!
And then there was that color decision!  I chose Old Ochre Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan. 
I tackled one side at a time.  I spritzed the fabric on that side with water.  It beaded up so I rubbed it in with my hand.  (Keep that spray bottle handy,  you'll use it a lot.)
I used the biggest Annie Sloan® paint brush I had, which was a medium.  I wanted to load it up with paint and cover as much space as possible with it.  
I put a coat of Old Ochre on.  It really looks terrible, doesn't it!  Don't panic, keep going.  Thin coats are best.  Let dry.  Between each coat of paint, sand lightly with 220 grit and knock off the sanding dust.  Apply three coats of paint, sanding lightly after each.  
Step back and take a look....I think the number of coats can vary based on the type of fabric.  I was surprised at how much paint I used on this chair.  It kept looking a bit streaky and I thought this was due to different thickness in the coats of paint. That might not have been it at all.  It could have been the type of fabric, age and wear of the fabric, and a bit of OCD on my part.  Anyway, I used an entire QUART of paint.  I know it's crazy!!
Whenever I was painting near the cording or in any creases, I spritzed with water to thin the paint and make it run down into the crevices.
When you have the paint like you want it and the final coat has been sanded, it's time to clear wax it and give it a sheen with buffing.  Mine actually looks like vinyl because it has a nice sheen.
I freshened  up the legs with some General Finishes Gel Stain.
Come by and have a seat!


Making Old Chairs New Again