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Total Bliss Tree Stand

A tree stand popped up at Total Bliss!

Total Bliss Christmas

The lights pictured are some of the nicest we've found. Each bulb is individually encased; if one burns out, the others will be unaffected.

And don't forget that designer Trevor Bey will be at the store this Saturday (11/1) at 11am!


Pumpkin Creativity Part 2

Now that it's a bit closer to Halloween, it's time to carve those pumpkins! We've rounded up a few of our favorite styles as inspiration.

For the classic carver, try adding a set of vampire fangs to spice things up...

Total Bliss Halloween

In the mood for something nautical?

Total Bliss Halloween

For those who enjoy a traditional touch, monograms and lanterns keep things festive...

Total Bliss Halloween

Total Bliss Halloween

Have a favorite movie character? Feature him or her on a pumpkin!

Total Bliss Halloween

Or what about your favorite animal?

Not a fan of pumpkins? Carve a pineapple!

Total Bliss Halloween

Or you can carve the scariest jack-o-lantern of all...

Total Bliss Halloween


Pumpkin Creativity

It's still a bit early to carve those pumpkins but that doesn't mean that we don't have some great gourd ideas!

Paint them a bright color...

Or paint them to match your favorite food!

Add a little history lesson to your Halloween.

Total Bliss Halloween

A little gold leaf can make anything look special!

And a spooky work can ward off ghosts!

Don't forget that all fall merchandise is 50% off at Total Bliss! Stop in today!