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Floral Stems are 40% Off...

It's a great time to spruce up, freshen up and stock up!  Beautiful blooms are always welcoming!


Let It Go

Yes. Some of us (Kate) are still singing the Frozen soundtrack.

And yes. It may be hot outside. But some of us (again Kate) refuse to complain. A winter living at the nucleus of the Polar Vortex will do that.

And still...yes. It may be too warm to wear a sweatshirt. But if one of us (still Kate) would be this one.

Total Bliss Greensboro

(image found on Pinterest.)


Did You Know?

Did you know that Nancy's favorite artist is Raoul Dufy? Dufy is known for his strong use of color and painting of outdoor social events.

Below is Dufy's famous Kessler Family on Horseback

Raoul Dufy Total Bliss

So it's no surprise that Nancy fell in love with the following pieces and brought them to Total Bliss!

Total Bliss Color

Total Bliss Nancy

Visit the photos section to see more!